Exposer & amperture & ISO P2

18th of September 2018.

Exposure triangle


Photo is from Action Camera Blog. 


The exposure triangle shows you that if you change the aperture you have to also change the shutter speed and ISO.  They all work together to produce a shot that is correctly exposed.

Shutter speed is when the length of time your camera shutter is open, exposing light onto the camera sensor.The longer the shutter speed is open ( 1/1000 ) the clearer the shot will be in the end results; the shorter the shutter speed ( 1/8 ) the more blurry the subject will be in the end results.

Aperture is the amount of blur and sharpness there is around the subject. This mean that the subject in the foreground is at its sharpest because the background is blurred out so the viewer is only seeing what the artist wants you to see.

ISO is the amount of light that is let in for the visual effect you want within your shot. This is how much light you let in on the main subject in the shot showing that you could easily over expose or under expose your shot if the ISO is not set to match the aperture setting. ( if under exposed you will end up with grainy shot)

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